With a focus on offering the highest quality services, NSI is committed to providing unparalleled dedication to its basketball players. Aligned to the needs of the modern era of basketball, the founder of NSI has put together a revolutionary model of representation based on individualized attention and separate strategizing for each player and coach of NSI.

Harvard accredited negotiator, Nikos Spanos, has put in his 20 years of experience and knowledge throughout the whole spectrum of NSI operations.  After having negotiated some of the most lucrative as well as some of the most complex deals in the basketball world, the founder has applied his expertise towards the goal of maximizing the earnings of NSI clients throughout the globe. Being one of the masterminds of the first trade in Euroleague history, being the agent to complete the first transfer of a Chinese player to Euroleague and having negotiated deals amounting to over 100 million dollars in Europe and Asia, the founder of NSI is considered one of the best closers in International Basketball.

"It is my personal commitment that in NSI, each individual player and coach is treated with personal respect stemming out of a “hands on” philosophy embedded in all NSI employees."